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I help seasoned professionals leave their ill-fitting work lives behind in order to find more aliveness, fulfillment, and ultimately, success that truly feels good. 




Ready to Leave Your Ill-Fitting Work Life Behind?

As a Career Stylist, I help you get out of your career rut, so you can achieve fulfillment and create aliveness at work.

With 15 years of recruitment and leadership experience in the technology and consulting industries (including Google, Salesforce.com, Sapient, and Accenture), I’ve seen what it takes to craft a successful and fulfilling career -- and it’s not just building up your resume.

You are more than your skills, knowledge and experience.

I've reviewed thousands of resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews, and negotiated more offers than I can count for some of the toughest companies to get jobs at. And what I’ve learned from all these experiences is that your key to getting ahead is owning your Career Style.

I'm Your Secret Weapon

My clients often say that I’m like a truth-seeking missile, laser-sharp focused, and have an incredible intuition that shocks and awes them.  It’s like going on an adventure of self-discovery with me as your guide.  I will be your greatest advocate and cheerleader (but not the overly peppy, annoying kind). You will be in solid, knowledgeable hands and have fun at the same time (yeah, fun!).  And you can count on my discretion, always.

While my vast and deep experience in the corporate world helps me connect easily with your challenges and struggles, it’s my training in the coaching and leadership programs at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) that enables me to illuminate the invisible and help you see things in ways you never have before.  I’m always on my toes, so I’ll keep you on your toes too.

When we work together, I’ll help you uncover your Career Style that guides your every career choice. When you own it, you can’t help but attract the career of your daydreams.

I Know What It Feels Like to Dive Headfirst Into the Career Of Your Dreams...

...to then find out that every risk is an amazing learning experience and has led to an exciting journey.  I love working with people that are seeking a new path because I myself have made three major career transitions (including several years working in Hollywood in an attempt to pursue my dream job of being a film producer).  Each leap took courage, trust in my abilities, strategy, and a sprinkle of “oh shit, what if this doesn’t work?” And yet, somehow it always does.  Now I help others to summon their own confidence and boldly get into the driver seat of their career, rather than continuing in the passenger seat. 

Let’s Design A Career That Lights You Up

I'm passionate about drawing out people's greatest strengths and building their confidence to enable them to achieve what they were destined to do. Over and over, my clients feel transformed, empowered, and incredibly optimistic about their future after working with me. They love it, and I love it.

Take the leap and get stylin'!

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