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I help seasoned professionals leave their ill-fitting work lives behind in order to find more aliveness, fulfillment, and ultimately, success that truly feels good. 




You know it's time to find a new job or take your career to the next level when you're no longer engaged or challenged.  Maybe you're even a little bored or feeling like your career is in a holding pattern?  

You want there to be more fulfillment to your work and to make a bigger impact.  You want to tap into your full potential and do something that has you excited to get out of bed each morning.  

It's time to take control of your career and get into the driver seat of your career!  Only problem is that you're not quite sure how to do that.  

To get to that place, you'll need to go deep and write your own ideal job description.  

You'll want to get so specific, you can visualize it clearly...as if you're already doing it.   And don't be surprised, if opportunities seem to magically show up.  That's when you know it's really working.  

Imagine how much more confident you'll feel when you can tell your boss or your future hiring manager what you want and the impact you will have because of it!  Nothing is more compelling than someone who knows what they want and why.  

Ready to take the next step and write your ideal job description?  

To help you attract and obtain that amazing next job that will allow you to be a rockstar performer and increase your engagement and fulfillment, I'm making my ideal job description template available to you. While I normally only share this with my paying clients, I'm making a special exception to help you get closer to nabbing that job you are going to love. 

Once you confirm your subscription, you'll be directed to download the template.  You can also expect to receive occasional tips, advice, and special offers for my career styling services.