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The #1 Thing Getting in the Way of Your Success

Kelly Studer

I stumbled upon an interesting video recently, which addresses getting outside of your comfort zone.  This talk won the TEDxMelbourne's Awesome Foundation competition.  A young entrepreneur, Marcus Taylor, wanted to figure out if you could measure your comfort zone. 

Take a look. 

What does this make you think about in terms of your own comfort zone? Does it stress you out?  Does it make you feel excited? Or maybe, there’s a slight numbness to the idea…you’ve heard it all before?

I felt all of those things at one point or another during the video.  What struck me was Marcus’ suggestion to make it a habit to live outside your comfort zone.  Sounds easy but clearly it’s not or we’d do it more often.  Habits can be hard to form especially if they are ones that have the possibility of causing stress and anxiety.    

So maybe instead of making it a habit to get our of your comfort zone, what if you just paid attention to the feeling that is associated with avoiding something.  Notice when it comes up and then think about why you’re really avoiding it. 

More often than not, it stems from not wanting to be rejected or fear of failure.  One thing I know for sure, you won’t find out unless you try.   It’s not that dissimilar to sabotaging your own success.  You might get rejected or fail but I bet if you took the chance to get out of your comfort zone and attempt that one thing, you will handle it better than you think and learn a lot of good stuff in the process.  Bottom line, you will learn something!  You learn absolutely nothing if you don’t try. 

Isn’t that what getting out of your comfort zone is really all about? Those super successful people, mentioned in the video, are learning earlier and faster than the rest of us.  Perhaps the habit we need to be forming is learning by doing, not just by observing or reading about it.  Learn quickly and often!

Is there something you’ve been putting off doing for a while?

Marcus said in his talk, “If you want something you don’t already have, you have to do something you haven’t already done.”  Such a simple but powerful statement. 

Right now, I want you to identify one major area in your life where you have been stagnating or doing the same thing, day in and day out, but you want more.  Next, identify one thing that scares you a little that you could try in the next week.  Then do it.

For me, there are areas of my life in which I’m quite courageous (starting my own business would be an example) and others where I avoid leaving my warm, snuggly comfort zone (relationships and dating).  I can’t believe I’m admitting this but I already did something totally out of my comfort zone this week.  I asked a guy out on a date and he said yes!  To help me accomplish this, I started doing online dating a few weeks ago in order to make it easier for me to get a date.  It’s less scary to be rejected because it’s not face-to-face, yet I’m still pushing my boundaries and challenging myself to change my dating situation.  The date is tonight.  Wish me luck!

What are you going to attempt this week that’s outside your comfort zone? Share it in the comments below (which in and of itself could be outside your comfort zone).  Doesn’t matter whether it’s something in your personal or professional life.  The more we challenge ourselves in all areas of life, the more we’ll learn and be able to push out those boundaries.  Our success depends on it. 

“There are great things waiting for you just outside your comfort zone.” – Marcus Taylor