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I help seasoned professionals leave their ill-fitting work lives behind in order to find more aliveness, fulfillment, and ultimately, success that truly feels good. 




Have you been feeling like your career has taken on a life of its own and headed off in a direction you didn’t exactly plan or enjoy? 

Do you want to have the job of your dreams, if only you could figure out what that was? 

Have you ever said to yourself, “I know I have so much more potential, yet feel like I’m outgrowing my job”?

Sometimes we need a little help figuring out exactly how to navigate that next big career move, relaunch a career that isn't going in the right direction, or simply figure out what we want to do when we grow up. 

I believe that it is incredibly difficult to shine when we are not confident, fully leveraging our strengths, nor passionate about what we do.  When we are in possession of these three elements, we are unstoppable.  Ironically though, it’s hard to figure these out on our own, isn’t it? That’s where I come in.

Whether you need a killer job search strategy, are ready to pursue something different but need help charting your course, or could use some assistance in determining your true calling, I can help.  Actually, I do way more than that.  I’m like your career GPS navigation system.

Here are just a few of the ways I can help you obtain a more rewarding and fulfilling career:

Creating Your Career Roadmap and Personal Brand

  • Deeply explore your innate talents, values, interests, and passions so you can become crystal clear on who you are, what you want and what you won’t accept.
  • Develop a clear and consistent personal brand...one that tells the world what you’re all about, allowing opportunities you’ve only dreamed about to start showing up at your doorstep.
  • Recognize and manage those inner voices that tell you why it’s not practical or realistic to pursue something that would make you feel truly alive.  
  • Write your own ideal job description in order to manifest what you truly want.

Networking and Searching for Your Dream Job

  • Identify how to authentically and confidently present yourself so the opportunities you’ve dreamed about will be tailor fit to YOU.
  • Develop a brilliant 30-second elevator pitch that will have people engaged, curious to learn more, and help in propelling your career forward.
  • Create a fail-proof, strategic plan for networking and discovering job opportunities.
  • Write your best resume and LinkedIn profile yet. 


  • Easily manage your first few discussions with the hiring manager and recruiter.
  • Receive hands-on interview practice sessions designed to boost confidence and give you the ability to handle any question thrown at you. 


  • Get clear on what it is you really need for your financial happiness, what you are worth, as well as what you deserve.   
  • Master the art and science of negotiating.

Why Work With Me?

You want to work with me if:

  1. What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked and you’re having a hard time getting perspective on what you want.
  2. You’re ready to take responsibility for your future and do what it takes to make your ultimate career vision your reality. 
  3. You’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, (re)discover why you’re amazing, and watch your confidence soar.
  4. You need someone who will listen, question, push, challenge, and support you unconditionally.  Talking with friends and family is a great starting point, but they probably haven’t mastered the skills necessary to really help you transform your career.  You may even hold back when reaching out to them for fear of imposing.  My whole purpose is to be that skilled partner who helps you achieve your most fulfilling career.
  5. You need someone who understands current hiring trends but challenges the typical career strategy with a perspective that has been honed through years of experience.

You don’t want to work with me if:

  1. You expect me to do all the heavy lifting for you.  I am not a resume writing service.  You will write your new resume, but I’ll be here to help make sure it highlights your talents, reflects your core values, and translates your previous experience to attract the opportunities you want now.  The work we’ll be doing goes far beyond resume writing.
  2. You think it’s a waste of time to get really honest with yourself and spend time unearthing your talents, values, and obstacles.
  3. You’re not sure you’re ready to invest in yourself and your career and commit 100% to making a life changing career transition.

Let's Get Stylin'! 

I craft a custom experience for each of my clients.  We’ll decide which areas to focus on and, as we work together, I’ll tailor our time to meet you where you’re at while providing you actionable guidance to take that next step towards your goal.  Even when you can’t see what’s really tripping you up, I can.  And I will make sure we spend the appropriate amount of time and focus on going down the right path and not taking too many unnecessary detours.

Ready to get stylin’?

I’d love to connect, get better acquainted, and see if we’d like to work together.  I offer a complimentary 45-minute consultation during which we will talk about the most pressing challenge you're facing right now, I'll ask you a few more clarifying questions, and then discuss some possible solutions.

At this time, I'm not currently taking any new clients but if you'd like to get on my wait list, please click on the "Let's connect" button below. 

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